Makecode Maker - RPI PICO - some questions

Hi, i have several questions related to raspberry pi PICO and Maker. Im just experimenting with the Pico board and would like to get somewhat better idea of what’s possible with Makecode

  1. I see the Maker forum category archived - why? Does it mean the Maker version is going out of fashion?
  2. Web USB support - is web usb communication supported for RPI Pico in a similar manner to how it works with Micro:Bit? For now i only can copy the files to the RPI Pico USB storage, but ‘connect to device’ option doesnt seem to be supported.
  3. Some of the extensions for Makecode Maker don’t have any documentation (the link provided at the extension info screen doesn’t lead anywhere). Namely the ‘lcd’ extension and ‘display’ extension. Can you point me to github repos of these extensions, or some documentation page? I’d like to know a little more what functions are provided, for what modules etc.
  4. General question - can you recommend a beginner’s tutorial to CODAL and PXT (i’d like to know how it’s built, layer by layer, and how the components interact). For now it’s a bit of a black box for me, not sure how exactly it works, how the program code is generated, how extensions work with the rest of the ecosystem)…

Many thanks