MakeCode on GitHub Organization: GitHub rate limit exceeded error

I am attempting to use the MakeCode editor with GitHub and GitHub Organizations. I am successfully able to make and edit a GitHub repository in the MakeCode editor from my personal GitHub account. However, I want to create a working repository inside a GitHub Organization, not my personal account. I could not find out how to create a MakeCode project directly on the Organization, so I have tried to transfer a personal repository to the organization. To do so, I made a GitHub repository through MakeCode on my personal account and tried both transferring ownership and creating a new repository by importing the existing repository’s url. In both cases, I can open and see the GitHub project in MakeCode (after fixing the link to match the organization’s name) but when I try to commit and push changes, I receive the error “GitHub rate limit exceeded, please wait and try again.” After going back a day or two later I am still receiving the same error.

I was wondering how to create a MakeCode Github repository on a GitHub organization?