Makecode snapshots of blocks

I would love to use Makecode snapshots of blocks in OERs like wikimedia. Is it possible to use screenshots or snapshots of the MakeCode editor under a free license (like Creative Commons)?


Makecode is MIT licensed

There’s also a way to embed codeblocks - which might be worth a read. The share dialog has a “code embed” option, which might be of interest.

(Am not on the team so I am welcome to be corrected)


I am not sure about it because the license is for the software. I don’t know how to work with code snippets made by others or by myself - what about the creator in this cases?

Another problem ist that I want to use graphical snippets in pdf files and to store them in Wikimedia Commons. That’s why I cannot use the embedding function.

I am from MakeCode team and feel free to use the screenshots or snapshots of the MakeCode editor.