Terms of use for Educational purposes - Arcade Makecode

Hi, my name is Jonatas, and I’m an Educator in Brazil.

I really want to use arcade makecode to teach programming game to my students in YouTube videos. But my school says that the Microsoft terms of use don’t say anything about educational purposes, so I can’t use.
Is there any document saying that I can use or an email that you guys can send me?

I would appreciate that.

Jonatas, if you send me an email, I can give you permission to use for education.


Email sent.



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Could you please elaborate here and for the masses the terms of use for MakeCode(arcade and others) in school education, in general and internationally?

As I understand, all source code except the web simulator is open source and as freely licensed as about possible for any use under the MIT license?

For the educational content, tutorials, projects, curriculum, AP CS principles, it is broadly advertised as free and/or mostly linked to MIT/CC licenses:(“Kostnadsfrie læreplaner og prosjekter for lærere”, “The AP CS Principles with Microsoft MakeCode curriculum is free and…(CC-BY-4.0, MIT licenses found)”, “Explore free resources” etc.)?

Academically, in most places, the pursuit and spread of knowledge is also totally free, as long as one gives the proper citation/attribution?

From what I can gather, it is also Microsoft’s publicly expressed and recorded wishes that as many people/schools as possible should use and contribute MakeCode, totally free(as in beer(gratis) and as in thought/use(libre)) and without any strings attached, except maybe the opportunity to sell other products and services(totally voluntarily and separated from MakeCode software and educational contents)?

How could it get any freer than this?

Thanks for your great free product and all your great work, and hope to hear back from you with your elaborations and corrections where my above assumptions might be wrong!


You’re right on all counts. They just needed special permission as required by their school. No worries, it was a very specific request.

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