MakeCode Tutorials with Multiple Extensions

@peli Is it possible to create a MakeCode tutorial which brings in more than 1 Extension?

Yes, put each one on a separate line in the package snippet; example from arcade:

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@jwunderl Thanks for the reply. However, I can’t make this method work for including even one extension, and trying to run the “wall-jump” tutorial in the just results in this error “Oops, an error occured as we were loading the tutorial.”

Is there an example for a currently working tutorial?

Oh, wall jump isn’t itself authored a tutorial, so that’s probably why it’s not loading in the tutorial tool-- that was just meant as an example of how you would author the package snippet, as there aren’t that many docs pages that include more than one package (all docs use the same parsing for that). You can see that the simulator loads here so the packages are being pulled in properly (eventually, docs simulators are a bit slow)

If you can give the two extensions you’re trying to pull in I can check for you, the formatting depends slightly depending on where the package was authored. Here are the existing docs on that:

Thank you very much @jwunderl, the link the the macros info has been incredibly helpful.
I’ve now managed to include 2 of our extensions in a test tutorial, and have them all render as expected :slight_smile:

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