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Creating a Tutorial with Extension

I am working through how to create my own tutorials, specifically tutorials for the Circuit Playground Express.

I am wondering how I can load a tutorial with the Servo Extension and create tutorials around that. I haven’t been able to find documentation on how to do that. Is it possible?

I’m working on a similar project myself, but I’m using the BitBot extension. By loading the extension into my project before exporting it to GitHub, I’ve at least made the BitBot blocks accessible when the tutorial starts. The next obstacle is making the BitBot extension blocks render in the tips, which I haven’t managed to succed with yet. I thought perhaps I could use images as a workaround, but so far I haven’t succeded in making images display in the hints either. I’ve been trying to follow the instructions in the documentation for the tutorial tool, but it doesn’t seem to work.

This is possible! The thing you’re looking for is the package snippet. You’ll want something like this at the bottom of your tutorial markdown file:


Or the actual path to the BitBot extension, if that’s incorrect, haha. We do have docs on it here: but it does seem pretty inconvenient that it’s not linked anywhere in the Writing Tutorials page–is there somewhere specific you guys were looking that would be useful to add this link, aside from that top-level Tutorials summary?

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