Makecode wish list

  1. more buttons. Pretty please?
  2. add a new achievement for topics if you get 100 likes called hot topic?
  3. more sound effects?
  4. can I have an extra 16 more colors?
  5. more extra effects?

umm… is that even possible?

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Impossible, they are not changing the hardware! You can try using button combinations, or if you had the components, you can add 20 more buttons using a breakout board and a lot of wires.

(same problem, no hardware changes)

Use Extra Effects Extension

mp3 or any other audio file support would be cool.

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I use player 2 buttons when I don’t want to use button combinations, i did it with my “the hyperdemon” game.


Same I did that with Robot Survival


Ah, I didn’t think of that! That’s awesome!

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Wait, so you can use more buttons with that method with only one player?

If so, this might be useful for making Super Coneguy 64…


I feel that although art and code advancements have greatly increased during the duration of Makecode’s existence, one thing that has always kind of lacked is a proper music creation tool.

Like you guys should hybrid the tone tool and the current music tool to greatly increase the capabilities of music on Makecode. Especially since notes are kind of just… preexisting tones with no variation. No volume adjustments for tracks either. Just some requests.


Can’t implement, hardware limitations.

That’s not up to makecode, that’s up to discourse. Also, the most anyone has ever gotten is about 32 likes.

Not sure what you mean, but sure, more sounds would be cool.

The next logical jump wouldn’t be to 32, but rather 256. Also, no. This has been discussed before, refer to the 1st response.

Others mentioned it, check out @sylvancircle’s extension


OOOH one thing I really want is SINE WAVES TO FOLLOW FUNCTIONS!!!
Argh, that beautiful sine wave speech synthesis idea would be a reality if only the sine waves were formatted using 1 input for the tone in which you could replace it for a funciton, instead of two endpoints. (Ah, for my hours of research to be rewarded… if that actually happened, I think i’d scream in joy!)


more devices with radio support

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