Makecode won't let me publish my game!

After all this time of working on my game, NOW Makecode has to bug out???
It says that the publishing has failed and to check my my connection (which YES, is fine!)
And YES, I have reloaded the page and the homepage multiple times. What do I do?

First click download to make a backup, then you can click your browser reload button, because I know that it doesn’t actually reload the page unless you click that. If the project disappears, then drag the file you downloaded into makecode. Open the project and do the usual publishing process.

I did click the browser reload button…

If you can download the file, restart your computer, and that might work, but if you can’t download the file, then probably don’t because makecode usually loses the projects with a restart

I’ve already restarted my computer. Didn’t work.

Hmm, are you able to click the “Save” icon next to the project name?

If so, could you upload the file that you get to the forums?

Idk why it doesn’t work then. What browser do you use (Maybe switch?)

Yep, I can save. So let me just put the file here

arcade-TieDye-Beat-Em-Up-Redo (8)


I downloaded the game and the publish function won’t work on my computer either, but other games work fine (to publish).

chrome lol

Hmm, so I went through your assets (from the Assets tab) and deleted several unused animations and images–I’m not sure if you were planning on using them eventually? Here’s a link!

I think the problem is that you have a LOT of images and images take up a lot of space–they were making your game really big, which causes problems when trying to publish. It looks like you have several animations that are the same pixel art except for a color and left/right change. You might want to do something like this:

This is basically some code that creates an animation for you:

The key is that an “animation” is really just a list of images! So here there is one “animation” (if you go to the “Assets” tab of this project, you can see there’s only one animation asset) and you can change the color and flip the images based on the arguments passed into the function. That should save some space with animations and also make it easier to edit them later if you want to make changes :slight_smile: !


Those unused animations, I don’t know what they are. I think I clicked a bunch and made multiple copies. There wasn’t a delete option for some reason, so I left them to rot at the bottom of the screen lol

Also thank you for the suggestion for taking up less space with the assets.


Ah yeah, you can’t delete an asset if it’s being used in a block so you’d have to delete the block first, then go into the Assets tab and delete the asset. Also I know there are some bugs with deletion so you might have run into a MakeCode problem as well haha