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Meowbit not connecting and 909 error

I have my Meowbit connected through USB to my laptop that’s running Windows 10. When I turn on the Meowbit, it goes right into the preloaded game- I never see the option for programming mode that I have read about. My computer is not recognizing that it is connected.

Most of the time when I click the lower side button on the Meowbit, I get the frowny-face 909 error. Only a few times have I actually seen the menu show up.

Is there a way to reset it? Any advice for updating it so that I can load a game onto it?

Welcome, @cak!

My initial guess is that you’re using a power-only USB cable and not a data cable. Try a different cable and see if that helps.

According to another thread, if the Meowbit does not recognize that it’s connected to a computer within a second, it presumes it’s running off of the battery and loads the last game loaded onto the device. A new bootloader, also found in that thread, lengthens that delay.

Keep us posted. Good luck!

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That was it! I didn’t realize charge-only cables were a thing. I got a new cable and was able to download my game. Thank you @AlexK!


Yup, charge only cables are evil :frowning:

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