Microbit remote control car right and left turn inconsistent

I have made a remote control car for the microbit. I have attached two continuous servo motors and I use pin 0 and pin 1 to control the motors. I have piggybacked the 3v and gnd with 2 alligator clips on each (see image). I have code for the transmitter and the receiver. All of my code works perfectly except for right and left turn which mainly only seems to work if I shake to stop the car and then right and left work, where as I do not have to shake for forwards(a and b) and backwards (touch gold logo) work whenever I press the appropriate buttons. I want a and b to work whenever I touch a or b without having to shake in between. Here are the 2 separate codes.

Receiver code

Transmitter code

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I recommend You Put this in the Meow-Bit Category.

Not Meow-Bit. Microbit Sorry