Mike the minor platformer

Need Help … on level 2 start you lose lives for no reason ? also how do i make the shark jump up and down on the spot (1st enemy on lvl 2) . Thanks

I think I know the reason for losing lives at the start of level two. When you switch tilemaps, the sprite still gets moved to the same column and row as it was in the last one (with the exception of if the tilemap sizes differ, which then it will place it on the tile closest to where it was) and in this case, the level 1 win is at 58,18, which happens to be right above the lava on the second level. There is a split second that the sprite will still be at the same location as the previous tilemap before getting moved to whatever location with the place sprite on top of block. I have experienced this problem with my games many times, what I like to do is to just move the level win so that whatever problem stops happening, in your case, moving the win upward. As for the jumping shark, I’ll look into that a little bit later.

Thanks for the reply. I will fiddle with it in the morning and see what happens. Let me know how you get on with the shark. cheers