Minimap mess

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The minimap was jittering, so I fixed it -

I deleted the current forever loop to make it at the top left and added this to the start block:


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Hey! Gamegod! You see to know how minimaps work! Could you please make one for me?
I need one in my Among Us game! It has to be toggled! So not always there! So when you press menu it opens it and if you press it again it closes! thanks! Here is the game!

(Please tell me if and when you work on it! So that we do not code at the same time!)

I can do it in about 4 hours.

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Thats great bc then I am in bed… (it is now 8pm) … so then it will be 0:00 so then I definitly am not working on it! Thanks! Please also make the player visible on the minimap! And maybe try to do (try! if it does not work don’t do it! it will just mess everything up) task indicators! (the ! thing) Thanks again!

Use of a mini-map reminds me of the classic game Defender on the Vic-20. My son has been wanting to port games from the Vic-20 to MakeCode. This might be a fun project he can work on. :slight_smile:

Here is the current version! Thanks again!


Go left when you spawn…

Ooop! Just Press A so it starts! (No map needed in lobby)

That does indeed fix the jitter, but the sprite movement isn’t updated on the minimap.