Minimap test

The dude in the corner should fall, but he doesn’t. Why?

Technically he is falling, except that he is not showing it. On update, you need to keep deleting the old drawing and creating a new one. Hope this helps :grinning:

I think I already am doing that… if not, can you edit the project and show me?

Reviexing the code, it has to do something with the canvas width. It was showing the falling, but it was behind the last image. Now all that is needed is to detach the person from the background

I got it somewhat working… what is going on?

Now i’m blank, sorry :neutral_face:

Hmm you’ve definitely found a bug! (

If you change the “on game update” intervals to 200ms, it works but it is a little jerky:

Likely part of the problem is that 100ms is too fast for a minimap update at a size like that.

The minimap extension wasn’t designed to provide a smooth movement animation, it was more intended to be a HUD element like a little radar or treasure map.

Hopefully soon we can make an extension that’s better designed for real-time smooth updates like this.

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