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Presenting: Minos

OK … I couldn’t resist. I had to create another classic game. :slight_smile: This week, I present: Minos. It plays well on my BrainPad Arcade, too!

Minos is a shape-stacking game in the spirit of Tetris®. You can choose from a set of tetrominoes (four-block shapes), pentominoes (five-block shapes), or both. You also can choose your starting level, which affects how quickly blocks drop at the beginning of the game.

Shapes begin at the top of the well. Use the left, right, and down buttons to move the shapes within the well. Up will rotate the shape. Pressing the A button will activate auto-drop, which causes the shape to fall rapidly to the bottom of the well. Filled lines will clear, and shapes drop more quickly as you clear lines and level-up. The game continues until a shape cannot be dropped from the top of the well.

The game’s name, Minos, is a bit of a play on words. It’s derived from the word polyominoes, which is the generic term for shapes formed by combining squares. Minos - as in the first King Minos - also is a legendary figure from Greek mythology. King Minos was the first king of Crete, and was the son of Zeus and Europa.

Feel free to alter the constants, found both in main.ts and in custom.ts, to customize the game to your liking. In particular, you may want to change the COLUMNS, ROWS, and BLOCK_SIZE constants to alter the size and shape of the well.

Tetris® is a registered trademark of The Tetris Company.

Happy Friday! Have fun!

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Works with Adafruit Pygamer…if you are in beta editor and IMPORT the game. Not a good video but just to prove it. Thanks Alex K, for the game ! and Lady Ada for the Pygamer console:


awesome game!!