Moon Patrol Clone

Hi everyone!

I’ve been playing with Makecode Arcade for about two weeks. It’s been really fun!
I put together this Moon Patrol clone. It’s still a work in progress. Now I’m trying to balance the difficulty level. Any suggestions are welcome.



VERY nice! I love the animations for when the thing you shoot explodes. Keep up the great work!

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It’s looking great! There does seem to be an issue with the lives counter, I get a “game over” on the first collision even though it’s showing three hearts left.

For the difficulty, I’m having a rough time using the emulator on a phone, but I think that’s largely due to the touchscreen controls making it tricky to do precise jumps. It might be nice to tune the speed and crater size so that you can cross it with just a well timed jump, since I think you currently need to use horizontal controls also to make it across. Or maybe I’m just bad at the game :slight_smile:

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The life counter (hearts) is more like a shield. Every time you get shot by an enemy ship, you lose a heart. But if you crash into something (a rock or a crater), then it’s game over. If you run out of energy (green bar on the left), it’s also game over. It’s kinda confusing. >.<

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