Multiple Bugs is the New Update

I started a new project in the new update, but it has many bugs.

  1. The set position block has an offset of about 4 pixels (sometimes -4)

  2. The animation block duplicates variables when they are renamed

and more.

Are there any fixes to these two?


Hm, could you share the project with these bugs, or list a set of steps to replicate the issue? We are in the process of fixing bugs in the current update and hope to get it out soonish, and we definitely want to catch as many as possible.

You can also file them yourself on Github, where we do all the tracking for bugs and feature requests!

If anyone else can repro, it would be amazing!

I have really long tilemaps in my game. (Like 200x15 8x8tilemap) Occasionally, the changes I make to the tilemap don’t take effect in the game until I close the sim and reopen it. The first time I encountered it, I was banging my head on my desk for half an hour!