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Air Combat - a classic shooter

I didn’t even realize that’s so easy to add more players.
Check it out and tell me if the two player mode is usable.

BTW: Does anyone know if you can detect at runtime if the game runs on a platform that supports multiple players? Are there even platform besides the browser that support this?

Right now it’s browser only. There is a way to check, but I don’t remember off the top of my head… @jwunderl?

Raspberry Pi 0 does support multiplayer too, not just browser. If we’re just checking browser & pi vs other devices, easiest is just checking against ram - e.g. here is where we limit the number of particle effects:

so something like

const MULTIPLAYER_ENABLED = control.ramSize() > 1024 * 400;

The pyGamer supports it if you connect two pyGamer together with the special USB cable Adafruit sells. :slight_smile:

@peli we’re talking about the non-jacdac multiplayer

I’ll give it at try! :+1:

It works as expected, thanks. You aren’t asked on the pyGamer now if you want to have multiplayer mode! :+1:


We need something better :slight_smile:

Very nice! I am happy to see this game made on MakeCode. I was a huge fan of this genre in the arcade.

I very nice rendition of 1942, if that is what you were going for. This is definitely first class in terms of game play, graphics and all round design. :+1:

I was wanting to make a game like this, so I might just have to use some of your techniques, if you don’t mind.

I’m glad that you like it. And indeed 1942 was the main source of inspiration obviously. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Of course feel free to reuse things from this game. Also feel free to contribute to it if you like. :+1:
At some point I was even thinking about creating a “build-your-own-shooter”-library with some of the concepts that I used, which would make it easy to create your own arcade shooter game. A space shooter with some more advanced weaponry like lasers etc. would also be nice. :slight_smile:

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Back in the days of Touch Develop, I had also built my game in script libraries, which allowed others to also build that own games. Maybe if you were familiar with the platform, the game was called ‘Spacey Invaders Reloaded’. In the end, most people just copied my version and put in their own graphics, which was cool. In that platform you could also see who had forked your work; which was also nice to know. I think here this is not possible, and probably happens less anyway.

I like your idea of contributing to it, as I am still coming to terms with scripting. I would like to add Bezier curves to it, so that the fighters move in formation other than straight lines.


I would just want the Super Mario Bros airship song in it:


Actually, @UnsignedArduino, can you make this music?

@UnsignedArduino Can you make these?
Thank you!

Yes @UnsignedArduino could you also make Hadal Ahbek? Very relaxing song! I could not find a musescore tho…

I would LOVE for this music to be in the game @UnsignedArduino

:flushed: if you don’t mind, can you creates separate toxicity it and ping me there? Much appreciated :+1:

Stupid autocorrect, I meant thread instead of toxicity.

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Hey @ractive I have created a pull request on github:

All I did was add music that was provided by @UnsignedArduino that is optional.

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