My backgrounds arent transparent anymore?

The backgrounds in the sprite/tilemap editor are usually a checkerboard pattern of white and grey, and that really helps when im trying to gauge exactly where i need to place a pixel or a tile. But ever since i got the arcade app, they’ve been the same color as their borders, and i cant tell where im placing anymore. Please help me get things back to normal.

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Its been 6 days, someone please help me with this. It has halted any and all progress.

Can you add a picture or send a link to your project so that we can get a better idea of what you’re referring to?

The pixels that arent filled with a specific color are supposed to be white and grey.

I’m still dealing with this issue, please help

Can you answer some questions for me?

  1. Does this happen both in editor mode from clicking on a sprite and when you create a new image from the Assets panel?

  1. Do you have any “Experiments” turned on? Like, from this menu?

  2. Does it still happen in beta? (

  1. No
  2. Idk what experiments are
  3. Yes

What browser are you using, @Brainstorm_studios ?

Im using Chrome, why?

You might want to try a different browser. According to @jwunderl, it sounds like this is happening because memory is running out and Arcade is automatically trying to run in “light mode” which removes extra features like the grid behind the images.

You can try making sure you have other programs and windows closed before reloading, or try a lighter browser. If you have access to a different computer, you can try logging in on that (or sharing your project via link or .png if you’re not logged in.)

I hope that helps!

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Is this kind of behavior documented anywhere (light mode, I mean)

the problem has already been resolved, i wasnt using a strong enough device.