My game is bad

it has no gravity and just really bad please fix my game here is the link to windo man the game

Not sure what else you want to add to your game but here it is! Camera issue tho, will fix it tomorrow.

thanks can you add some bosses thatr are windo logos? i will very much like it thx

lets make this a collaboration project!

Would you like to do the pixel art, I’m kinda bad at pixel art lol

Improved with character-moving animations! I will work on fixing the camera and tilemap loading.

thanks! and i will do the art

Oh, and the player can also jump now

I made some improvements to the game, you can beat levels now, there is a spawn point, and the player can die and collect lives. The blue orb is where the player spawns, the orange orb is the orb the player needs to overlap/touch to complete the level. Level I is done, you can make the rest to your desire! The purple goop is deadly to the player. Here is the link: