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Naruto Fight!

These are game updates! Ask questions and more!


I’m liking the game play, and especially how the animations work and that the character keeps facing the enemy :wink:

I would be nice if the player had a defense mechanism, like a shield. Also I wasn’t able to hurt the opponent, but the opponent kept hurting me. Maybe I am doing something wrong. :grinning:

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You need to punch him while his sword is stuck in the ground. Otherwise the damage will be almost null.

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Actually it does not matter :grimacing: just punch him and ddo not get hit

Just hold B for blocking! It will decrease your chakra tho! (Chakra is like Mana) (Will only block water shots)
A is Punch
Down+A is Kunai Throw
Down+A+B is Clone Jutsu (You need 60 chakra)
A+B For kicking! (Decreases Chakra)
spam A for ultimate attack! (Full Chakra needed!)
Left/Right is Move
Up is Jump


After like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999… tries:

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Well it is not that hard… First throw Kunais(Down+A) and then go over to him and jump away so he does not hit you! Then spam A until you burn! Then go away and wait! Then you can either kick him to death or use clone jutsu!

can i make this into a super smash bros fight?

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Of course!

thank u :smile:

im making my own naruto game except its naruto vs itachi

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Ohh nice! (I have heard of him but I am only at episode 23 so pls do not spoiler me!)

this is where im inScreenshot 2021-01-11 at 4.39.50 PM

How do you make your character bigger?

In the bottom left you should See 16 16
Just Change them and it gets bigger (Do not make it too big or it is as big as the screen (30/30 is good))

Thank you!