Need a debug in my game

This is for another game, but for some reason, it’s just not working right. I have a variable called ‘canShoot’ and it’s set to false. I want the game to make sure that when the “Shoot!” text isn’t there, you can’t shoot. And if you do shoot, it’ll say “False start! Player _ won!”. But when the ‘Shoot!’ text is there, then you can shoot and it’ll determine the winner

Take a look at where you say if (canShoot = true) … that’s setting it to true instead of checking that it is. Fixing that might lead you closer to a solution!

I changed (canShoot == false) to (!canShoot) and (canShoot == true) to just (canShoot) and it seems to have helped.

When I changed it, the false start text showed up when I false-started, but when I waited normally it didn’t change to the correct player winning

It looks like you’re also calling the A button events inside of the if statements, instead of the other way around. Try putting a conditional to check for canShoot inside the player 1 A and another one inside the player 2 A. (And have both A button events be their own events outside of the on start.)