Need help creating a menu/title screen using BlockMenu

Hi MakeCoders,

I am studying to become a teacher and recently observed a project with a high school class using MakeCode Arcade. It caught my interest and now I’m spending my time coding my first game. It is, however, a little complex and messy…

I added the Block Menu extension by riknoll, and I can get menu working. My issue is that I have coded so much stuff, and I want the menu to appear at the start of the game before everything else. In other words, I want to make a title screen using a menu. When I try to do this, a lot of variables are left undefined and as such, the game fails to cast on the undefined variables. Is there an easier way to add a menu screen at the beginning of the game than changing all my code to account for it? I’m essentially looking for a way to freeze or pause the game while the menu is open, or something along those lines.

You can find my game here:

I know it’s a bit messy and poorly organized, but I didn’t think I would add this many features :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for any headaches caused by trying to troubleshoot my code… Also, keep in mind that I strictly code with blocks, as I have zero experience with both JavaScript and Python. If there is something I can only do in JavaScript, like game.pushScene() and game.popScene(), I will need very detailed instructions :smiley:

I appreciate any and all help, thanks!

Nevermind this link! I put the test menu I’ve created to be called when the menu button is pressed, and fixed some small issues, so now it is possible to play the game with this link:

Please use this for troubleshooting ^^

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don’t USE “blockmenu”

Why? The extension is called that way…


Let me reiterate: I’m using the extension “arcade-custom-menu” by riknoll. When adding the extension to a project, a “BlockMenu” category is added, which is where you find the blocks that the custom menu extension adds. It can be found here

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