Need help on new version of 2048 game

Hello! I can’t find the error. Blocks in the game move by arrows, for new block press A button. No error if only move blocks or only add new blocks. The error appears if move blocks then add new blocks. Not 1 block, may be up to 8. It looks like new block placed on already occupied place. I added music to overlaps block so it’s easy to recognize when error happened. Sorry for my English.

are really loud ding comes out when you match blocks

I found an error. I used the arcade-sprite-data extension to store integer values of sprite coordinates. But forgot to update them when the sprite is moving.
No problem now:)

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Now it mostly works without problems, but sometimes it doesn’t …!


Wow this is amazing!

I made some improvment.

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Ok I was playing it and al of a sudden the blocks all just disappeared like all of them

This a good improvement, especially because of the fix with the blocks spasmodically glitching when you can’t match them.

Again, amazing game :+1:t3:

Other than that it’s awesome

I could not get stable work if the speed of movement of blocks is more than 200. In this version, the speed is 150.

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Better version with speed 300

Have you tried using github? Also sometimes numbers randomly join with non equal numbers ex. 8 joins with 32 sometimes.

When sprites move on the field, the events of their collision are not accurately determined by the system. The sprites bump into each other especially at high sprite speeds. Correction of their position after a collision can probably be improved, but I do not want to reduce the speed below 150.
Also, I don’t really want to increase the delay when a new sprite appears. Although if it is not enough, then the new sprite will interfere with the movement of the sprites.

I lowered the speed from 300 to 200 and increased the delay for the appearance of new sprites from 300 to 500.

new version: 2048 monochrome