Need some help with a game

So I want to make a game about one of my favorite game Destiny 2 but I suck at pixel art. So can someone make a ghost from destiny 2 for me. A scanning animation would be awesome too. Also if anyone want to help with story and map design that would be awesome.

2D or 3D?

2d is preferred.

In my spare time I can try coding the first level of Destiny 2. Sounds like a really cool idea. No promises though.

If you decide to this is from a ghosts perspectives not a guirdians.

I was thinking from a guardian, because well the whole game is centered around guardians.

Ok. I do want the first mission to be about a ghost finding his guardian though. If you want to go advanced you could make it so you can choose solar hunter, void warlock, and Arc Titan but if you want to go simple just go with Titan Arc, Void, or Solar.

I’ve done something like this in my Halo Local Multiplayer game, where you chose between 4 different MJOLNIR armors, each with their respective weapons. Shouldn’t be too hard. Although it might get laggy by the second level. I’ll go simple just for the sake of not having to deal with lag.

Yeah I saw you halo game. It was awesome. As a halo fan I enjoyed it. And about going simple that sounds fine.

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Yeah, really though. Halo-Doom is AWESOME, man!

i can do pixel art

I did the ghost from destiny. Any criticism are welcome [CC]. Twitter:  @pixearl1 : r/PixelArt

That is awesome! Better than I could ever do. I am defiantly gonna use that but probably scaled down.

If you do make the first level for me @personalnote use @lascap’s design.

The colours are the main problem if you want me to follow the design exactly. Otherwise I have no problem replicating a ghost on a smaller scale.

Colors don’t need to be exact though if the ghost ever gets close to the frame then that is how you should draw it.

Alright I got enough info on the game (first level anyway) so I’ll try to get the 1st level done in 2 days I hope.

Also just a heads-up:
Weapon pick up will cause a drastic lag in the Makecode Editor
This means each individual Class will be locked to 1 weapon.

Titan: Some random LMG
Hunter: Some random Hand Cannon
Warlock: Some random Shotgun

That sounds cool. If you need pictures of each class I got them.

got it

There is no rush but I just wanted to check how it was going.