New series videos; LEGO EV3, MakeCode Aaron Maurer Here’s the beginning of a new instructional series by Aaron Maurer on YouTube discussing getting started with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system. The micro controller “brick” is the command and control system (like a CPX or BrainPad or Micro:bit) and the brick can be programmed with MakeCode or other environments. Aaron shows us the setup and firmware installation to get this brick up and running in Video #1. He says he’ll do a series which we are looking forward to. Our library meetup for MakeCode is looking at the kit #45544 “core” for LEGO robotics for purchase maybe as a summer project. This core kit will be a real step up for us because it’s about $450 US; well more than we have ever spent on MakeCode enabled products.

Here is another playlist for the EV3