Is there a way to make night in arcade? I know there’s a shader extension, but that could get really laggy, and multilights/ lantern extension is buggy and also gets laggy really quickly. Is there any other way I can do this?

No :frowning: The lantern extension isn’t horrible on FPS as long you aren’t doing it on hardware.

That’s the point though, I want it on hardware.

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The lantern extension literally destroys hardware, I haven’t tried the shader on hardware yet tho…

Is it really that bad? Maybe I should re-implement it with shader… It used to work on hardware. In any case, the shader extension works fine as long as you aren’t shading too much of the screen.

If you just want to shade the entire screen (not parts of it), you can do that without making your game slower at all by changing the palette. @jwunderl made an awesome extension for this called color-fading. Here’s an example:

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Hmm, @brandodon there is no other way to create darkness/night in Arcade without the use of the shadow or lantern extensions