Makecode block library vs. CircuitPython's

It seems that no one is willing to create library files for Makecode block editor, thus making it hard if even possible to use.

The common excuse is that the makecode block-editor is highly limited, but that does not have to be the case.

I think however that many of the python users just uses the libraries they find for the hardware, yet does in fact NOT know how it actually works anyway, thus preventing them from taking full advantage and use of the hardware after all.

If people would create the same library files for makecode block-editor that they spend on creating for library files for circuit-python, makecode would have close to no limits compared to python. I am aware that there might be a few limitations that cannot be avoided, but so is there with all software - hardware mixes.

And makecode block-editor is by far the most intuitive editor out there with the most siple “if - then” blocks or “repeat x-times” loops as examples, and its user friendly appearance makes it very easy to look at and use. The makecode block-editor could perhaps even become the most used editor, that is if only people out there would create library files for it instead of or as well as python or arduino.

But is the python and arduino community afraid that they cannot be the only ones that can make advanced programs, if everyone can figure out how to do so using a more user-friendly editor?

In the makecode editor the user does not have to know and remember the EXCACT way to spell certain tings, how to setup neopixels nor where to put parentheses or quotations. The makecode block-editor will do this so easy for its user.

So people - Please make libraries for makecode block-editor. Then more people could create great things out there…

There are plenty of extensions, although most are for MakeCode Arcade extensions within the game, not a library for a piece of hardware. As it is pretty difficult to test out hardware, as you can’t use the simulator.

As you say, most of them are for arcade games. But what if we want to create something that is NOT an arcade game.

And for Python there is a ton of extensions for all sorts of hardware and more.

But those extensions would have to been tested before publishing them. Just as they would have to with Makecode block editing.

The program language differs (that is kind of the problem), but the process is very much the same.

And if people out there made extensions for the makecode, it would work just as well or perhaps even better than Python.

Unfortunately, most people here don’t have that much hardware and/or time to make extensions for devices… :frowning: