Old links that shows empty screen

I’m in the process to get all my tutorials on various subject on only one Youtube Channel.
Too much work to handle several channels, no benefits as I only produce video for fun and free.

Some of them are about arcade makecode and I added in the description a link to the shared game each time to help people when the watch.

But those link have a strange behavior: the screen only show the title and Arcade buttons 'show code" and “Edit code”
If I click any button, everything works but not the first screen.

Is it something that I can fix or must I generate new share links?

One of the link was https://makecode.com/_6hxVsp7z10CC

Are you using the beta to create your script? They might not be compatible with the release version running on that page.

It was made with the normal website but at the beginning of 2019.

Not a huge problem, I also had to edit because velocity factor seems to have doubled.
I was using it to simulate gravity and jump, move it from 400 to 200.
So I had to share a new link (it would be so useful to be able to edit a shared game)

Anyway, I preferred to warn here in case someone rely on old link.
In case someone wants to have a look at Arcade Makecode videos in… french :wink:

Oh yes, they increased the velocity limit.
I think it went from 196 to like 500 or something like that. @peli would know.

I bumped it from 150px/second to 500, but that’s a completely arbitrary limit I set / can be changed in js (500 ‘feels fast’ without things moving all the way across the screen in a single frame)