Tutorial links stop working


I have run into a problem with tutorial links for MakeCode Arcade. I have made two tutorials, published links in MakeCode.

These worked fine for a while, but all of a sudden stopped working. I’m afraid I no longer have these links.

So I copied what used to be the contents of the readme.md file and put it in another project on GitHub to see if that would last longer. But no, all of a sudden the tutorial links are no good. The links are:


Copying the contents of the readme.md file into the tutorial tool results in a working tutorial, so the markup should be good. Anyone have any idea why the tutorials stop working?

Ah, we have a maximum size of 64k per file when loading content from Github, and it looks like your tutorials are just over. This is definitely a MakeCode issue–we should have better error messaging or increase the size limit (or both!), I’ll make a note for us to fix it. For now, you can actually remove all spaces from the “img” sections in your code to reduce the file size by a little. I did a quick pass on your first tutorial here:

You can also remove the indentation for additional size compression! The other thing you could do is break each activity up into smaller files for now.

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