Online Multiplayer

Can I make instead of a second toby agent 14 from my other plaformers? either way is fine

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Do it it’s fine

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Toby & Agent 14 the duo of chaos.

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btw my game creation co is names S Force Studios. I don’t just develop here, also on scratch and many other platforms

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Cool Mine is called SCAR Gaming Team

I think I should call it SCAR Gaming Studio it sounds better.

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Done, will prob upload it tommorow. It has been finished for a while just been busy with my b day coming up and hadnt had time to upload the game.

oh wait so am i am i lolwhatacoincedence

why R U up at MIDNIGHT

Im not. Probably it is time zones. I have Chicago time zone, so my hours on your location may vary.

and an example

oh okay I be in TX

2 hours apart. 10 where I am, 12 where u

JK :grin:

Too much math

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is there a way to make an online multiplayer with the Xmaker some how