WebSocket extension (experimental)

This extension provide a WebSocket like API to build multiplayer game on the web (and hardware). It’s still very much a work in progress. Read below, it will not work as is in the editor.

The simulation support is rather clunky right now because it can’t be tested in game yet. However if you copy custom.js/loader.js into your generate repo, you’ll be able to talk to WSS.



@livcheerful now we need to make a Mahjong game in Arcade. (The traditional one obviously) :slight_smile:

Maybe you could run a hash on the .js file and only run files that match the hash?

I also don’t see any blocks for it yet…but that obviously will come later.

I also realized that resetting the simulator on the Github pages using the reset button on the sim seems to break it. Only reloading the page seems to fix it.


YES! Mahjong! Aaaaargh … too many projects already this weekend…

Thanks for this, @peli ! I’ll look at retrofitting some of my games that naturally lend themselves to multiplayer (e.g. Salvo).


I love that Salvo game! It’s just like battleship. And yes @UnsignedArduino! Mahjong is something we need too. Let’s go!!


Yes right now we don’t reset the websocket on reset, so we leak it and eventually it’s broken. I need to clean our “loader” story to be easier and a bit more robust. Also i need to document how to get the dev experience right.

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Fixed the restart issue.


Hi @peli if I wanted to open a web site like a link to another game using this how could I do that