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Online Multiplayer

I’ve seen many different games but i have yet to see an online multiplayer game if some can make one that would be awsome

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This is impossible, sorry to disappoint. There are no blocks that could make it online, as it is meant for small simple consoles. You can do local two players, but no online play. Sorry.

It is imposble with arcade but it would be grate

There isn’t online multiplayer support yet*.

*@peli made an extension that allows you to interface with WebSockets but it only works on GitHub pages.

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I think that is possible with the radio extension…
but very very very very very very very hard.

The radio extension won’t work in the browser and requires dedicated hardware. You will also probably get a range of several hundred feet only.

What do you mean by a webSocket?

But if you are connected to a USB then you can get the ethernet connection of the PC.
Look at Blynk IoT implementation

How will the PC recognize that the connected Arcade device needs an internet connection? How will you simulate it in the simulator?

A web socket is basically a portal to another device on the internet! You can read and write bytes to it.

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Ok thanks but if some does manage to get multiplayer to work then tell me so i can use that in a game

I think I found something… I was going through the forum just now and I came across this: New Extension: Real Multiplayer (with blocks)
I think this extension will allow you to make online based multiplayer. But it might be buggy so use it carefully.

I believe that extension is just for local multiplayer


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