I love Outrun and and I used it as inspiration for this javascript racing game.
There isn’t no need to say it, you’re driving a Ferrari !!



This is, with no competition, the best game in makecode arcade. The art, rendering, physics, momentum, and everything else is phenomenal. And the fact that you did it with fifteen colors and a 160x120 pixel screen blows my mind. This makes my best games look like pebbles. Thanks for this, I love it.

I’m not sure if the road is generated randomly or not, but if it isn’t, that might be a next step.

My highscore is 4095.


Same game as before, just fixed the game preview


Thanks GameGod. The road is not randomly generated, is coded in the CIRCUIT array in circuit.ts. A randomly generated road is a challenging idea!

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I have an idea, but I’m not that experienced, so it might not work. Can you choose random values for the CIRCUIT array while generating the road? Maybe you can make the first part of the road a straight track, but then randomly choose how the rest of it will go.

Hey, so I was trying to make a mario kart type game, and I was trying to see your code, but not luck. I really can’t find a way to turn it into blocks.
Help with a raycasting map
MakeCode Kart

No, you definitely will not be able to do it in blocks.

Conceivably it’d be possible to turn this game into an extension and have blocks for many things like creating cars, changing speeds, creating tracks, creating scenery, etc.

It’d take some work from someone knowledgeable with JS and our extension syntax.


CDarius this game is simply amazing!! Everything about it is so polished and professional. Great job on pushing the envelope!

Thanks, it was my Christmas break project for this year.
I hope to find some time before the next Christmas break to add the opponents cars!!


Ok, love the game, maybe you should add CPUs

How can I change the car?