Help with a raycasting map

So there is another project I am trying to make (MakeCode Kart) And I need help with the making of the race tracks:
art (1)
Here is the battle circuits:
art (2)
They all have the same pixel size somewhat. This is just to give you an idea of how it will go through.
Can you help me @mmoskal?

maybe use @mmoskal 's 3d map as a base for your game i mean if that is okay with him

The problem is, It does not involve walls (except the battle circuit, but it still needs smaller walls.) For the race circuits I just want the floor to look like that.

i think that we use this function to make the character move and i think that we can find the thing that makes walls and set them to ghost and change the size too

I was reading the code, and no, it should be in a different section. The code is so precise, and maybe it is rigid, so I do not know if adjustments would cause it to go wonk.

well i guess we need to take that risk

Wait use outrun as a template!

Use what?