Pass-through edge connector

Hi, all. I know this is more hardware than software, but maybe someone can point me in the right direction? I’m looking for somewhere to buy either a complete item or parts that I can use to make such, that will allow me to plug in my Microbit to an edge connector, and then plug this onwards into some accessory that is expecting a Microbit to plug into it. Example: I have a Waveshare display, but it doesn’t use all the Microbit edge pins for its interface, so I want to make/buy a board that I can use to break out the unused pins on the way to the Waveshare and use them for other things. Obviously I don’t want to solder either to the Microbit or to the Waveshare boards directly.

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Quick update: Kitronik sell a two-line LCD display for Microbit which has pads on the bottom to plug onwards into another Microbit accessory. Obviously you’d have to be really careful that your other accessory didn’t conflict with the pins used by the LCD interface. But, I’ve messaged them asking if there’s any chance they would offer the bare PCB without the LCD module - I imagine this could be really useful to a lot of people, and Kitronik have already done all the work making the PCB template and tooling, so the only cost to them is product setup in the warehouse and e-commerce :slight_smile:

I’ll update if I get a response.


Hi, all. I got a response from Kiktronik - they pointed me towards a product sold by Pimoroni called a “Pinbetween” which is exactly what I meant (beats me how it was so hard to track down - I spent ages searching Google with every combination of words I could think of).

The board also has header pins for every Microbit pin and (sold separately) female to male jumper leads so you can take as many pins as you need, straight to a solderless breadboard. Winner!