Personalnote Q&A

like the ones @CyberPulse and @Lucas_M did

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  • Why did you start using makecode?
  • Whats your favorite forum game?
  • Have you ever tried a different coding site Like UNITY?
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  • It’s a bit personal, but let’s just say someone introduced me to it and I basically got addicted lmao
  • My favourite forum game has got to be Tiny Wizards. I spent forever playing that. But I love the Fable of Zelba as well!
  • I currently use Godot right now (which is a bit like Unity) because I felt a bit tired with using Makecode Arcade’s considerably laggy editor. And for the record, Unity and Godot are not coding websites; they are game engines.

What type of chicken do you like?

  1. Same XD! I had 1 school project the next thing you know BOOM 20 Handmade video games in a month!
  2. I cant passed level 2 on tiny wizards Lol
  3. The reason I asked this question was because i’m so bad at Unity…Like you won’t Understand.
    (And Also I always forget Unity is an engine NOT a site.)

black chicken. no im not joking those exist.

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  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite genre of video games?
  3. If you were currently in college, what would you major in right this moment?
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  1. Red, Purple, Orange, Camo Green, honestly idk…
  2. Metroidvanias. I’m also a big fan of Zelda games.
  3. N/A
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I know they taste good

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lol forgot to say this but open to any questions you have in mind if it wasn’t clear

@personalnote some guy names malek claims he helped make your project with you, is this true?

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Hmmm, I don’t recall a guy called Malek, but I have worked with someone whose first name starts with an M. Close friend of mine. Where did you get your information from? Also, what project is he referring to?

halo doom i think. sorry for late reply

Hm. It’s not true then. Halo-Doom was a solo project.

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