Personalnote Q&A

like the ones @CyberPulse and @Lucas_M did

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  • Why did you start using makecode?
  • Whats your favorite forum game?
  • Have you ever tried a different coding site Like UNITY?
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  • It’s a bit personal, but let’s just say someone introduced me to it and I basically got addicted lmao
  • My favourite forum game has got to be Tiny Wizards. I spent forever playing that. But I love the Fable of Zelba as well!
  • I currently use Godot right now (which is a bit like Unity) because I felt a bit tired with using Makecode Arcade’s considerably laggy editor. And for the record, Unity and Godot are not coding websites; they are game engines.

What type of chicken do you like?

  1. Same XD! I had 1 school project the next thing you know BOOM 20 Handmade video games in a month!
  2. I cant passed level 2 on tiny wizards Lol
  3. The reason I asked this question was because i’m so bad at Unity…Like you won’t Understand.
    (And Also I always forget Unity is an engine NOT a site.)

black chicken. no im not joking those exist.

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  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite genre of video games?
  3. If you were currently in college, what would you major in right this moment?
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  1. Red, Purple, Orange, Camo Green, honestly idk…
  2. Metroidvanias. I’m also a big fan of Zelda games.
  3. N/A
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I know they taste good

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lol forgot to say this but open to any questions you have in mind if it wasn’t clear