PixelPlace Devlog

This devlog isn’t starting from the very beginning and will be incomplete for a while but I figured my biggest and longest work in progress project, a 2d overhead view sandbox game with building and adventuring aspects that has a lot of cool things (no resource gathering inventory mechanics yet) but I still need to add and change a lot before it is “finished”, should be shown to others. I don’t have a full end goal in mind on what I want this to be like, mostly I brainstorm ideas then try them out to see how they fit together or if it is fun and playable. Please don’t steal my ideas but if you ask and I say yes then maybe you can use parts of my code with credit given to me.

I’d say the rating for this game is equivalent to PG, there is a sword and maybe cartoon violence but all the death animations is the built in disappearing in bursts of flame when sprites die.

Disclaimer: if you build in this it doesn’t save, I would like to figure out a way to save the changes to the tile map that the player makes

Right now I am writing this post on a phone but my code is saved on a computer, I will post the most recent version of PixelPlace to this devlog soon.

P.S. I don’t like how games add too many decimal points so I just move up by 0.1 for each update that isn’t just a bug fix. I might try sharing the older updates so you can see how the game grew over time.