Platformer water

guys could you help me with creating water in a platformer like it has different gravity in it and the water sprite is like partially transparent adding shade on the player (if thats possible) and like eventually drowning . i know how to make double jump underwater possible and know how to make splashes when the player comes out of the water but i need help for the rest please.

does anyone have any idea on how to make water for a platformer

i would love if anyone could help

im sorry to keep bugging but in this forum there are only a few things like what id like .there is water with a sprite and z depth but the closest to what i want is furry jump n run but that does gravity in a different way .is there a way to possibly make a water extension .id really like like a water thing like in sonic where it looks as if the character is actually underwater but could you possibly change the water colour like maybe the shader extension but you can change the colour of the shadow and i need to know how to make water like physics

i really need help thankyou

you can use the platformer extension you can change the jump and the gravity on there
idk if this helps