Player controls in isometric scene

I’d like to make a game with an isometric 2:1 projection, like almost-3D.

I’d like the controls to be smoother, because at the moment I’m moving only able to nudge my player sprite (two pixels left/right, one pixel up/down) when left, right, up, or down are pressed. Any ideas?

Here is how I’m currently doing it:

(I’ve got a small sprite at the player’s feet, called heros_shadow, which I use to detect where their feet are)


One option would be to changed each of those pressed to repeat, and then use the controller extension to get this block:

This lets you configure the behavior of the repeat event - put it in the on start with 0 for delay and 100ms for interval, and the player character will start moving every 100ms while the button is held (with no additional delay the first time it is pressed). You can play with the speed / interval from there - an interval of between 1-30ms should correspond roughly to ‘once each frame’


Thanks a mil! That worked:

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i used your code and made one

what do you think

updated version (i need help on jumping)