Point Red- a stealth, action FPS

So listen, I know a few people have already ventured into makecodes “FPS” capabilities, BUT! I hope to make a game (somewhat) similar to Metal gear and Doom 1993. It comes from @CarltonFade’s “Doom weapon pickup testing” program (I credited him in the credits and when the game boots up :slight_smile:). I need help though, so people who are good at pixel art (or those with ideas) Please help! if you have an Idea post here and i’ll get back to you ASAP, If you want to help, than please tell me below what you will be helping with!

  • Sprite and/or weapon art
  • Music/sound effects
  • Just here for motivation and ideas

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Thanks in advance–Nerdiest

If you are helping with sprite/weapon art here’s what i’ll need:
Doom-esk soldiers (Red, Green, Blue and silver) HUGE (32x32 +) Robotic exo suits, I’m going to need a Rifle pickup icon, a Shotgun pickup icon and a Chainsaw pickup icon as well as a N-74 (a Nuclear rifle in the game) and a Big daddy (equivelent of the chaingun)
as well as those I’m going to need some morphed Soldiers (don’t use guns)