Presenting Jewel Raider

I had lots of fun making this one. It’s a 10 level platform puzzle game where you have to collect all the jewels in each level to unlock the exit. Adding extra levels is super simple with a new tilemap and difficulty level. Watch the video below to see it in action.


Great video! Is “Lowe Quality Games” you new game shop?

haha, figured it served dual purpose in describing my games.

Sorry it took me so long to get this review video of your Jewel Raider game up on my channel. I hope I spelled your name right. Thanks for the game Stu ! ! !


Thanks for doing the video Frank, appreciated :slight_smile:

Stu, could you possibly work on a 3D printed bracket to hold a magnifying glass above the Meowbit a few inches? I judge maybe 5 or 6 inches. I will make a video of what I mean. The plastic mag. glass costs $1 .00US. Our students complain of the 1.77 inch TFT being too small to see detail; and this Meowbit screen is way bigger than the old BrainPad 0.96 inch OLED screen which ran Arcade. We may be able to adapt a Meowbit bracket to fit the new BrainPad Arcade board assuming it fits as well on the 5 V. rechargeable battery pack in my vid. Thanks.

Up on YouTube in 4 min:

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@stulowe80 could you make sure to take a screenshot of your game? we’ll use it when we showcase the game in the community section.

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@stulowe80, we added a link to this game on the homescreen under the Community Games category!

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Will do, shall I update the two that have already been added to the community section?

Thanks so much, excited to see it there!

Got to level 9! Soooo close…so maddening!!! :hot_face: :grinning:


Awesome game and man is it difficult! It’s my pick for Game of the Week:


so hard but I like it! Maybe add a bonus section or a checkpoint in each level?

i like this