Presenting Kaleidoscope 6.4

While exploring lines in MakeCode Arcade, we discovered amazing patterns. These patterns reminded us of a kaleidoscope through which one can see varying symmetric patterns.

We tested Kaleidoscope on several browsers and on Meowbit.

Additional information about Kaleidoscope at:

In Kaleidoscope, each pattern is created by drawing lines from the origin point, which is usually the center of the pattern, to a point on the outer edge of the pattern. The origin remains stationary while the end point travels sequentially around the perimeter. When a pattern is completed, a new pallet is generated by selecting random colors from the 15 available in Arcade. With each new pattern, the number of colors in the pallet is increased varying from 2 to 15 with the restriction that the number of pixels in the perimeter be evenly divisible by (that is, a factor of) the number of colors in the pattern. Each line has a new color chosen sequentially from the pallet. The sequential choice is key to the pattern magic.


Amazing moire fringe.



Yes!é andé_pattern


By the way, love your site, the videos, and tutorials! :smiley:

The videos are clear, and the explanations are right on point. Keep it up! :clap:

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Love this is done in blocks. Great job! I will have my son check out your website. :relieved: