Problems with inserting SD Card into DFPlayer Mini

I am unsure if this has anything to do with a short circuit, but whenever I insert the SD Card into a DFPlayer Mini I have hooked up to my mini:bit, the red LED built into the module turns off, and the faint static sound that the speaker makes stops simultaneously. I then am unable to turn the module on again until I take out the SD Card, then the light turns on if I unplug the GND or VCC wire and plug it back in again.

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am using the Anmbest YX5200 DFPlayer Mini from Amazon ( and I’m having the exact same problem, but everywhere I check there does not seem to be a solution for this :frowning:.

Unfortunately, no. I originally thought my SD card was just corrupted as it was a little funky on my other devices, but the issue still persisted even after buying a completely new one.

I finally found that despite every source of documentation stating to name the file “001.mp3”, all files are supposed to be formatted as “0001.mp3” 0002.mp3" etc.

So did I after naming the only mp3 file 001, haha. Unfortunately, didn’t fix it :frowning: