Problems with world generation

In the “game” (it’s not a game yet) above, you can easily walk to the right of the screen and it generates new terrain. But, if you walk to the left of the screen, it makes some weird canyon-like terrain. How can I fix this? The code to generate the left terrain is in the function, “MakeLeftWorld”.

(There is probably a small error in my code that I am missing)

Well I found out that the Left world function is longer! So maybe there is some extra blocks…! I will compare every block! that might take a while! But here is what I mean! (Does that extra block need to be there or is it not supposed to be there?) The end is kinda different! Maybe thats why?


This link has all the comments describing each block.

Sooo I think I know the problem…
The random land width! Bc with that it looks like this!
But if I set it to e.g 3 it looks like this!
It looks way better bu the width is always the same and the end part is always empty…
I changed the background image so that in the bottom there is a bit more bc there also is a gap! I tried to put the random number in a variable but it is just the same…

Thanks! I fixed it. Here is the link -

What I did - I drew it like I would draw the right map, but then just flipped the image.


Nice! Should I do stuff like item sprites? Idk what you need but maybe pickaxes or something!

Yes, I am going to do that. First, I need to finish world generation (trees, stone, etc.)

Speaking of trees,


Here is some! (Just Ideas)
Press A to make it bigger and again to make smaller! (Error if image is big and gets switched from 0 to 14 and 14 to 0)

You shoult make it so that if like 80% of the trunk is gone then the whole trunk goes away and when the trung is gone make the leaves disappear! (Not like in Minecraft where the leaves float around)

These are EPIC! Such great art! I’ll try to add as much of these as possible into the game.

Since you’ve already helped so much, do you want to collaborate on this?

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That is great! Until now I did not even notice it saves the maps!

I would love to! I can make art and stuff! Animations, enemies, items, Tools and tips and suggestions! I am currently not working on anything too big so I would like to!

i think i can help because i can code in npc’s and dialogue as well as world deletion. also i saw how your game works and you can only delete trees so i was hoping i could help add an objective also here is an example of my work , i’m not the best with sprites.

ok so im here now game god,

Sure, you can help! Great game! I made a similar one a while ago:

nice game and thanks for letting me help

Hi Gamegod! I was wondering what a crafting bench/oven… should look like!?
Should they be 10 * 10 or small like 5 * 5?

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This would be good!

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Hey! If it is fine, can I join too? I can make concepts for characters and other art…