Program too big

I want to drive the LCD, then I used a big array to store ASCII, about 96*12 numbers, then I got the “program too big” error, I was thinking if there is a way to store this array in ROM ? please help me

Declaring a large array leads to really inefficient code generation, which is probably what’s causing this error. You can get around this by using a hex buffer! Hex buffers are declared like this:


Where 00000000 is replaced by the contents of your array in hex representation. For convenience, here’s a short little script to convert an array into a hex buffer and print it out in the console:

Thank you very much, I will debug this feature and ask you again if there are problems.
Another question is, I also made a piece of hardware, how can I add this piece of hardware to the extension?

See this doc on the requirements for getting an extension approved:

Once you’ve completed that checklist, you can open a pull request in pxt-microbit. Here’s a sample one: