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Project development gets slower and slower

I don’t mean that my development is slowing down, but the Makecode application on my laptop screen gets slow. For example, I may have 10 groups of Makecode block instructions on my screen. I move them about (all at once) by dragging the screen background with the mouse, and they move quite responsively. However, after a few hours of working on the project, I find that if I try to move things around the screen, I click the mouse then move it a couple of inches - and nothing happens. I hold the position and wait, then after a few seconds (up to 5 or 6 sec), the objects on the screen move. Similarly, resizing the screen is slow.
If I exit the application, then restart it and reload my project, it all works quickly again.
It always follows the same pattern - fast at first, but gets slower and slower as time goes by, until it is almost unusable and I am forced to restart it.

A gradual slowing like this looks like running out of resources due to a memory leak, but it’s really slow at the moment, and I have just checked the PC memory, and it is using 2.8GB out of 8GB, so it’s not the PC running low on memory. Also, other applications (web browser, etc) seem to be working normally. However - 9i notice that if I look at the memory graph after I have moved objects, the procedure is very memory-intensive. I would include a picture, but this forum doesn’t seem to have that possibility.

For reference, I’m writing diddies for the Maqueen robotic car, which uses a Micro:bit V2.

Any thoughts? Having to restart is a pain, as I have to reload extensions each time a well.

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Having the same problem with Arcade

I always have that problem here is how I get around it.
Closes simulator when not testing. I don’t use cloud saves because it saves to much and when it saves their is more lag. collapsing blocks helps.

Or long-term solution make it in JavaScript!


Thanks Lucas, Interesting that I’m not the only one. I thought it might be a PC setting somewhere. I must confess I usually don’t collapse blocks - I’ll try that.
I don’t want to use Javascript because even though I’d be much happier with C, I’m doing this to interest my grandson. He’s 7 years old, and the blocks have that non-threatening look of Lego.

Do you get the impression that this is a simulator problem? You say to close it.
It will be interesting to see if there are any “me too’s”. If so, do you think that it is something that should be flagged to the coders of MakeCode? It’s still possible that it’s a memory leak - but in the Makecode partition, rather than in global PC memory. (I’m supposing here that Makecode runs in a partition - I don’t really know)

For anyone who’s experiencing the same thing, we have a bug filed on this behavior in our issue tracker here: As mentioned, refreshing the page (/ the application in the offline app) should resolve this for now, but we are looking into it for future releases!

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Thanks jwunderl, It’s reassuring to be told my diagnosis was right - a “galloping getmem()”.
When it gets fixed, will this thread be updated? If yes, I’ll get an email; if no, I don’t know how I’ll find out, other than downloading the latest version periodically.