Project hoplings: reborn! (beta 0.2)


-got rid of the double jump, but GREATLY enhanced ryan’s moveset to compensate.

(list of new + existing moves)

-ground pound
-wall jump
-ground pound jump

-finished first level + one extra level

-new mechanic, the "impact block"

a red block that can only be destroyed if ryan is sprinting or ground pounding

-health (serves no purpose as of currently, will change once enemies are introduced)

-you no longer immediately game over upon falling, now you just lose a life.


-pages (worth 10 points each)


Good job! Nice to see the game has been coming along well since I last checked in on it!
I spotted a glitch though - when climbing up to get the level 2 secret collectable, I found a floating end switch that was in its “pressed” state.

(Managed to grab a photo too!)
Not quite sure why it happens, but to hazard a guess, maybe the old end switch didn’t despawn properly?
Otherwise, it’s looking amazing! The UI is great and I’m really impressed by all the platformer mechanics there are! Also, loving the collectables. Those definitely seem important. Congrats!!

About the enemies, i dont think it is quite possible to have the art follow the hitbox. I reccomend making each enemy just 1 sprite

yeah, about that. for an explaination, i made a function that destroys every single sprite except for ryan himself, then calls all the functions for each individual sprite, “moving” them to their new loocations. now, there are two sprite kinds for the goal switch; goal (unpressed), and goalreached (pressed). i added the code that destroys all sprites of kind [goal], but i think i forgot to do the same for [goalreached]. this is easily fixed, and will get patched out in the next update.


Can I help make levels for this game?