We're hiring!

attention, makers and coders alike!

we here at brainstorm studios love working with multiple people, so we are now hiring!
if you want to work with me to help make “project hoplings: reborn” bigger, feel free to answer with what you want to work on in the poll below!

  • music
  • sounds
  • enemies
  • physics (wall jumping, air diving, etc)
  • levels/tilemaps
  • functional features (ladders, semisolid platforms, etc)
  • art (sprites, animations)

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how these movement techniques work:

wall jumping

the way this will work is that ryan will be able to slowly slide down the wall and jump off of it, sending him diagonally in the opposite direction. he will then not be able to jump off that wall again until he lands on the ground or jumps off the wall facing the opposite direction.

air dive

when the sprint button is pressed in the air, ryan dives forward and slightly up. this adds 1 digit to the “jumpcount” variable, allowing it to be canceled with another jump. this can function as a sort of quadruple jump. this in tandem with the sprint and wall jump could lead to some very creative speedrun tactics.

please keep in mind that i am only comfortable with working with one or two other people in this. with that out of the way, go for it!


I can do level design