Project Loading

I have been making projects for an end-term grade for quite some time. There are 4 days left in the term and my project is stuck loading all of the assets and code. Does anybody know any fixes to this that could make the project load?

Sometimes for a big project it can take up to a minute to load for me, and I have to click the wait button on the browser like 3 times. If you get into the project, it is usually best to minimize lag by collapsing all blocks that you aren’t using. Also, welcome to the makecode forum community!

Oh never mind I reverted the local changes with GitHub and that fixed it. I’ll try to minimize the blocks now to prevent that from happening again.

Thanks for the welcome but I’m pretty sure my project is loading fine in the browser. The only things that aren’t loading are the blocks/JavaScript and the assets. So basically everything. I’ll link a screenshot of the problem.

I had a project using makecode microsoft account cloud save and all my blocks dissapeared, the tilemaps were still there (in the assets section accessed by the button to the right of the Javascript button.) I had to rebuild my code from the last time I saved a share link and lost 5+ hours of work so I think it’s a bug. Just make sure you don’t rely fully on cloud save. Maybe the project can be recovered but I don’t know how. :frowning:

@AidanoCostino - can you post the Share link to your project that’s having issues? We can take a look…