Project search is useless

I’ve had an issue with this for a very long time, I just never brought it up. In summary, searching for projects in the projects section yields completely unrelated results

For example, when searching for my project Control, after literally typing in the word ‘control’, the project I’m looking for comes up 9TH! 8 projects that have nothing to do with it, name or content-wise come up before it!! I wouldn’t mind but it’s like that for everything, sometimes even the projects I’m looking for don’t come up which can be an issue! Please look into this


yeah, I 100% agree! Becomes extremely useless once you have a lot of projects.

I’ll open an issue for it


Sorta related, project thumbnails would be a godsend.

Yeah, I agree although their search algorithm isn’t totally crazy:
*aCCeleROmeTeR TesT
(they all contain at least three letters from “control”)
Definitely something to fix though.

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And those words that merely contain some letters from the search term “control” are somehow more relevant than the literal word control?

i made somewhat of a search engine here

yes but they don’t sort the list back by the most similar first

for (word of similarWordList) {
    let Templist: string[] = []
    let indexOfWord = Math.round((length of array) * (1- (most similar letters in "word") / (total letters in "word")))
    Templist.insertAt(indexOfWord, "word")

This… is not what we’re discussing, sorry :confused:

Yeah, I still think it’s terrible, also, I think it’s sorted by “recently edited”?

Yeah, that is the case. But switching to “name” still yields stupid results